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潛莊位於墾丁南灣北區,臺灣最大潛水中心之一 ,大廳挑高設計,牆面以潛水裝備作為展示,延伸至中庭,大量使用松木、棕梠樹、草皮、石磚,彷彿置身在峇里島的錯覺中,提供住宿者放鬆的環境。
多角化發展潛水課程,設計多樣潛水體驗,在臺灣專業潛水領域佔有一席之地, 休閒潛水-非領導及領導課程、水底保育課程、自由淺水多達18項專業潛水項目,更囊括遊艇包船、國外潛水旅遊、打工換宿等機會。

Ocean, the mysterious and passionate world, amazing a lot of divers worldwide. Dive Village offers professional diving lessons for those who have fear in water, giving them the opportunity to see this wide underworld by themselves. Dive Village is located at the North of Nanwan Beach, is one of the biggest dive resort in Taiwan. Inside the resort, the high ceiling stretches all the way to the end of the hall. There are many grass patches and palm trees on both sides of the courtyard, creating the atmosphere just like having a vacation in Bali.
Dive Village takes its place in developing diversified diving lessons and designing different diving experiences in Taiwan. Up to 18 kind of professional diving including PADI-Nonleadership/Leadership, underwater conservation lessons, and even yacht renting and work exchange.